In 2001, the quality management system of STEAUA ROMANA Refinery has been certified according to SR EN ISO 9002/1995 by the Romanian Society for Quality Assurance (SRAC).
Now, STEAUA ROMANA Refinery have implemented SR EN ISO 9001/2015, which promotes a process-centred approach, in order to fulfil customer demand and to increase customer satisfaction. The refinery administration board has established the policy concerning the quality management system. A major company focus is customer care that also reflects on the high quality products and services.

The refinery management is acting on the following quality lines:
- complete customer satisfaction achieved by meeting the expectations relative to product and service performance as well as to their economic results;
- training of the personnel that have an impact on quality due to the decisions made for the allocation of financial, human and technical resources;
- providing and maintaining healthy and safety work conditions within all the refinery operating departments;
- environment protection by full compliance with the applicable laws regarding pollution prevention, limitation of the atmospheric emissions, decrease in the environmental impact and historical pollution diminishing.
Since 2004, the quality management system of STEAUA ROMANA refinery has been certified by SGS/UKAS, as being compliant with ISO 9001/2001.
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